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It's decent.

The concept of this flash is good enough. Hover your mouse over the subject to continue. I REALLY enjoyed the sound effects. So those two factors bumped up my rating a lot. One thing you could do is add more moments when you interact, I thought it was a bit short. I would appreciate more sophisticated animations (didn't enjoy watching him fall down). I didn't care that much about the graphics though. So, if you could improve on those two bad factors I mentioned, this would be awesome.

Smooth, but a bit messy.

The animation wasn't too bad. The skateboard kept on moving at a decent but slow rate. If you wanted a more complex animation, you could actually make the character swipe his foot off the ground. Maybe the jumps could also be more complex to make the flash even better. If you also used some open source audio, this would be better again. Because it isn't too interesting seeing him jump a car when the car produces no sound. The white flashes were pretty useless too. But other than that, nice job, and great potential. The figures were pretty neat too.

Pretty nice.

The next one should be longer. And I know you said that. And also, I would enjoy better graphics. It looked a bit sloppy with the lines sticking out in places where they don't need to. And maybe adding just 1 more shade would make them pretty appealing! So just consider that in your next animation.

There were some pretty good parts though. Frame rate was more than I expected when I saw the rating. As well as how the audio was awesome. You put in some nice sounds. So, great animation, just needed some more length and visual quality. So, good luck on your next animation, and nice job.

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This is what I prefer.

I really liked the aspect of this game. Simple, calm, and entertaining. It really get's fun when you try to catch 3 or more. The sound effects were great. Music is definitely not needed for such a game. The only thing I would recommend is having options for the toasts to appear longer. (I would prefer having it as long as I want.) So, almost perfect for me.

Truly informative.

What I feel like mentioning first is the layout, the interface. That was awesome. It was clean, and it worked just fine. I don't know why, It's just organized and it fits the topic like that.
I liked the informative descriptions on the left-hand side. It helps you point out the most important factors of the fruit of vegetable. The graphs were also great futures, whoever knew that comparison could be so useful?
Some audio would be good. I know, it's educational, and deserves to be quiet. But a small ambient loop would fit in just fine. I really got into the nutritional values, though, maybe you could possibly summarize and what combination of food to consume would be very healthy. Thanks for making this awesome flash!

I have been fooled.

You got me. I really enjoyed it, I'm not joking. I really enjoyed riding in the tank, firing that cannon, seriously, it looked like a godlike first-place-winning flash. But even though it was an April Fools joke, I was still amazed at it's quality. Not complete, but damn, that is just awesome.
Also, the ending was funny. I liked the smiley face. Nice calm ending.

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I'm agreeing with Akekvake, it does get quite repetitive after a while, even with this being trance. Although the reason I would have given it 10 is because this material is really original to me. I don't hear much like this. Intro was also something notably interesting. Good job.

e991e responds:

Thanks for the review Killslasher

Not as good as "New land".

This song seems very similar to the one I mentioned above made by you. Again, I like it's abstract and unique feel, and that's the good part. This is pretty much the same thing, except for how it get's a bit more repetitious near the end.

Needs a point.

As the title says, this loop needs a more sophisticated purpose. Although I can't understand it well, I do like the "abstract" feel to the song. That abstract part is what makes it pretty unique compared to most other songs. And that is what gives this a 4/5, 8/10.

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Sweet cactus.

Sometimes I don't like pixel art, but sometimes I really do. This one was highly above decent! I like the lighting on the pot mostly though the cactus itself was still well done.

RandomExploit responds:

Really?! Damn! I thought the reasonable judgments I would get would be much more harsh!


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